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In the news today:


  • Rising confusion about the upcoming level 3 implementation


      • No clear information as our country’s shift to level 3 looms.


  • 82 arrested for gathering in prayer


      • SAPS officers placed religious gatherers under arrest, despite them practising Social Distancing. 


  • President Donald Trump – The world’s most famous Troll


    • Trump takes to social media, shades Joe Biden.


Rising confusion about upcoming level 3

When we think about the crisis that is the Covid-19 pandemic, and the subsequent lockdown in South Africa, we would think that government communication would be crystal clear on what exactly it wants to do with this lockdown and how it’s going to work. Unfortunately, the only thing that reigned today was confusion. If you remember, well, The President was on TV only a few days ago, and he said that the entire country would go down to level three on the 1st of June. However, that may not be the case. 

According to the minister of health, Zweli Mkhize, who had hosted a session at the national council of provinces today with a SlideShow presentation. One of these slides piqued my interest. Mainly, point number two, and I quote: “High-risk areas classify as hotspots, and these districts will remain at level four with the intensive implementation of screening, testing and restrictions.”

The keyword there, being, Remain. Now, I wanted to be entirely sure, so I looked up the definition of remain and here’s what I found: “Remain- Continue to exist, especially after other similar people or things have ceased to do so.” 

So basically, Remain = Constant = No Change. Therefore, if things remain at level four, they don’t change to level three and go back to level four. They remain at level four. So, if some hotspots remain at level four, the entire country is, in fact, not going to level three. It is that obvious. Then I saw a tweet, which states that Mkhize had said, that high-risk areas and districts classified as hotspots, will remain at level four when the rest of the country moves to level three. But then, the minister’s spokesperson responded to this tweet, saying that everyone’s going down to level three, whereafter there will be a fortnightly reassessment.

Meanwhile, on Business Day, the headline reads: “Parts of South Africa could stay on level four from the 1st of June.” and then, The Citizen came out with the headline, which states: “Emerging hotspots might remain at level four in June.” So, I hope it is crystal clear to you now, that no one truly knows what the hell is going on. Is the entire country going to level three, and then they will assess that, and then bring those back up to level four? Should it be required? Or, is most of the country going down to level three, except for the hotspots they are keeping at level four, as said in the presentation.

Unfortunately, at the time of this article, there has been no confirmation whatsoever on whether the presentation is correct, or whether the minister’s spokesperson is right, or whether the media is correct. So, we have absolutely no idea what on earth is going to happen on the 1st of June. It begs the questions, are children allowed back to school during level four? Is alcohol going to be served in hotspots, under level four? Will people have to follow the exercise window, under the level four hotspots, as opposed to those who aren’t in those hotspots? How on earth is the ANC going to enforce any of this? What is going on? No one knows. I don’t know; you don’t know, help. The government doesn’t even know what the hell is going on. For a governing party, there’s very little governance; I’m afraid to say.

82 arrested for gathering in prayer

There’s been a lot of crazy stories about the coronavirus, especially in the lockdown in South Africa. There have been tragic stories. There have been humorous stories, but now there are stories that are just making my blood boil. 

On one of the most sacred days of the Muslim Calendar, police arrested 82 worshipers, who assembled for Eid celebrations. On the 25th of May, roughly 07:30 AM, the SAPS in Modimolle received a complaint about people gathering and praying, in that policing area. According to SAPS spokesperson, Brigadier Vishnu Naidoo, the police went to investigate the area and subsequently arrested 82 worshipers for contravening the Disaster Management Act regulations.

All those arrested are expected to pay an admission of guilt fine. Now, I’m not a Muslim, I’m not a particularly religious person, but I do understand the importance of religion in people’s lives. Arresting people for practising their faith, is debasing and disgusting. And the worst part? The worshippers were, in fact, socially distancing. They came together to celebrate the end of the fasting month of Ramadan, and this year, the celebrations were already significantly muted, due to the social distancing restrictions brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. Thankfully, it appears that the mayor of Modimolle is as outraged as I am about the situation. Modimolle Mayor, Marlene van Staden said: “Eid is one of the most important days in the Muslim religious calendar, and I was dismayed to hear that people were arrested while they gathered in prayer.” While the lockdown regulations prohibit large gatherings, it is unfortunate that the situation led to the arrest of the religious community members. They were in even closer proximity to each other at the police station than during the prayers. In a time of considerable uncertainty like the pandemic and the lockdown, religion brings people together. It gives them a sense of meaning. 

However, they should have waited a few days because last night, The President made an announcement, that under level three, the current restrictions will be easing, and places of worship may open, under certain conditions. Places of worship will be limited to 50 people at a time, depending on space. And, of course, all those attending churches, mosques, synagogues, and so forth, must be masked and practice hygiene measures. Good, I am in favour of this. I think religion is vital to some people, and they have the right, to be able to practice their faith as they wish. 


However, there’s another problem here. If 50 people can go to a church, a mosque, or a synagogue, then why can’t 50 people go to a restaurant, under the same conditions? If 50 people can go to a church and be socially distancing, wear masks and take hygienic precautions, then people can do that in restaurants as well, surely? Or, attend Sunday lunches. Why can’t family members of 10, 12 or 20 people get together, practice social distancing, while keeping to their hygiene protocol? How come people of faith can do it in their religious institutions, but families can’t do the same in their own home, or when they want to go out to eat?

Do you see the mind-boggling idiocy of these regulations yet? I hope so. It is astounding how clever this virus is, it can’t infect 50 people at a church, but it can infect 50 people on the boardwalk, on a beach or in a restaurant. Very intelligent virus, some might argue, more intelligent than the people trying to stop the transmission of said virus.

Interesting, isn’t it? 


Donald Trump, the world’s most famous troll

It isn’t often that I talk about American politics. 

However, the US presidential election in November is coming up. Whereas I still think Donald Trump is going to beat Joe Biden quite easily, it is not certain. It will depend entirely on the economic recovery of the United States, once this pandemic is over, if it is over at all by November, of course. However, Joe Biden is not without his flaws. Tara Reid made a very credible rape accusation against him, which the media ignored. Biden has made numerous statements that don’t make any sense, whatsoever. Some gangster called ‘Corn Pop’ makes an appearance in one of his speeches, and hardly anyone watches his live streams, every single day.

However, Biden’s biggest gaffe came last week, when in an interview he said: “If you are choosing between voting for me, and voting for Donald Trump, you aren’t black.” Or rather, these specific words: “You ain’t black.” Whereafter, Donald Trump, being the absolute madman savage that he is, posted this video to his social media page:


Other than the savagery of Donald Trump, it is vitally essential for him to win the next election, for the sake of South Africa. Because, we know that under the Trump presidency, the economy does relatively well. International trade does relatively well, and South Africa benefits from those sorts of things. If we have a democrat who comes in, who pushes higher taxes, he makes the world a bit of a more impoverished place. South Africa will suffer very much as an emerging market, so it’s vitally crucial for Donald Trump to win a second term, for the sake of South Africa itself. These sorts of things reverb around the world, and we are just a feather in the hurricane that is the US economy. 

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