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In the news today:

  • Manipulating the masses into Communism –  Mokuvhe Morris Masutha’s article – Mail and Guardian
  • Modern-day Icarus: Mmusi Maimane’s fall from grace – once the leader of the opposition, now selling braai wors
  • Citizen’s of South Africa unite: ordinary people take to the court in a war against the unconstitutional NCCC.


Manipulating the Masses into Communism

So, some still roll their eyes when I tell them that the ANC is a bunch of commie bastards who want to nationalise the land, kick out the whites, and ensure perpetual poverty for the rest of South Africa. For some reason, this is difficult to comprehend, despite the ANC having absolute control of this country, and it’s citizen’s free will for the past two months.

What have they done, you ask? Well, they’ve tried to do exactly what I have been stressing. If you don’t believe me, why don’t you just read what the ANC writes? 

A prime example of this is found in the Mail & Guardian, in a piece, titled: Profit versus Pandemic – British American Tobacco’s  Covid-19 stunt, written by Mukovhe Morris Masutha.


Masutha starts by using the Covid-19 pandemic to explain why communism works. We then go through a few examples in the article concerning British American Tobacco, and what he calls private corporate interests. These interests generally undermine the very essence of democracy for many South Africans, yet he argues that it will lead to a tourney of investors with the old nonsense claim; that corporates and big business somehow wants to rule a country. You know, they just want to provide goods and services to the people within their country and be left alone, for that reason. 


It is very similar to the SACB’s argument that the IMF is some form of colonising power that and thrusts nations into debt in perpetuity. Complete crap. Further on, Masutha then repeats the false allegation, that whites own 90% of the wealth. He thinks that it is appropriate to lure the collective wisdom of the National Command Council, who is responsible for our country’s fight against Covid-19, for putting the health and wellbeing of South Africa ahead of corporate profit and greed. So he’s arguing that the NCC, which is probably unconstitutional, by the way, should be lauded for saving people’s lives and promoting their health, reasoning that, because the corporates want South Africans to smoke, ideally they want South Africans to die too. 

If you can put your head around the fact that corporate wants to kill its customers, let me know how that works out for you. It doesn’t make too much sense for corporate wanting to kill its customers. But Mr Masutha says, that is exactly what they want to do. And here’s the kicker. He says, while others question the legality of National Command Council, we (read ANC) must perhaps make it a permanent structure, responsible for rapid implementation of the government’s program of action. That sounds like the familiar rhetoric. Let me see. There are 19 apparent political cheeks, which govern an entire country in perpetuity, with no opposition, no parliamentary oversight, with the ability to craft any regulation at hand and implement said regulation harshly under martial law. Doesn’t that sound very Soviet to you?

Later, he says, our experience of Covid-19 should, therefore, serve to reinforce our steadfastness and pace towards the immediate realisation of the NHI, as conceived and adopted by the government. Then he adds another banger, and I quote: “The government’s declaration of the state of disaster, presents the country with an unprecedented opportunity for all of us to reimagine the social, economic, cultural, and political dimensions of society as a whole.”

Once someone starts talking about a revolution, utopia or a reset. You know, immediately they’re speaking from a hard-left perspective because the hard left believes societies can be crafted through decree. In contrast, people on my side of the argument says, societies are crafted through culture over generations. Culture is not something that you can change through decree at all. 

He concludes his piece by saying, it’s time for us to guard against the tyranny of the market’s, defend democratically elected leadership and put the wellbeing of a nation first, even if it means risking everything. Now you might be thinking to yourself: “who gives a crap what this guy says, he’s just a small fry in the ANC.” On the contrary, my friends, fact is, he is no small fry whatsoever. He is a managing research strategy and policy analyst at the ANC’s policy unit. So, all the policy that churns out of the ANC is managed by this man. The man who wants to NHI, the man who wants a reset. The man who says the tyranny of profits cannot override democracy.

He’s at the heart of what the ANC puts out, and as you can see from this very article, as I keep explaining to you, the ANC tells you what they want to do, and this is a killer example of what they want to do. It’s not rocket science, I have stressed this, the Covid-19 pandemic is going to be used to reset South Africa. 

That reset means more state control, more nationalisation and expropriation of wealth. Seizure of property without compensation and the National Health Insurance. Whether you could do any of those things, is up for debate of course, but just know there’s no reform. Ramaphosa is not going to save you. The media are liars. Once you understand those three things, think about yourself. Think about your community, think about your life, and stop focusing on politics to solve your problems. You must solve your problems, and your community must solve their problems. 

So please focus on the institutions that protect you and focus on the communities that you can live within that can defend each other from this overt attack on all South Africans everywhere. 


Modern-day Icarus: Mmusi Maimane’s fall from grace – once the leader of  the opposition, now selling braai wors

As for the second story for today, I want to issue an apology.

Yesterday, I said Mmusi Maimane is selling Boerewors, and that has been debunked. He’s selling Braaiwors, and there is a real difference.

For those who don’t know him, Mmusi Maimane ex DA leader is now chief activist of One South Africa movement, and their first campaign is sourcing and distributing food, particularly meat to those impacted by the lockdown. Why Braaiwors, you might ask. Well, according to the organisations’ pamphlet, Braaiwors, is an essential part of our culture that is missing from many food packs.

I quote: “It symbolises so much more than food. It’s about our shared South African culture of Braais and Shisa Nyama’s.”

Oh dear, from being the leader of the opposition to selling braai wors. Must be nice. 

For those of you that don’t know, there’s a fundamental difference between Boerewors and Braaiwors. I only learned this yesterday. The minimum legal requirements to be able to call your product Boerewors is: it must be 90% meat, less than 30% total fat. No offal and no mechanically deboned beef. If it doesn’t meet those criteria, it’s Braaiwors. So, Braaiwors could be anything really if you think about it. 

But anyway, back to the story, the movement said it was unsustainable to have food parcels in the long run. I quote: “That is why we are working hard to source food products at cost price, and selling them with a negligible markup. Making it affordable for poor and working-class South Africans.” 

Hold on a minute. First of all, he said, Braaiwors is not going to be sold. It’s going to be given to poor people, and now he said he’s going to sell Braaiwors with a negligible markup, to South Africans. I’m not too sure which is which, but the fundamental point is how the mighty have fallen. What we have here is a processed politician selling processed meat. I’m afraid I have nothing more to add. 


Citizens of South Africa unite. 

I frequently get asked questions regarding the state of ongoing court cases; current happenings; and how the NCCC manages to still be a thing? 

Well, my friends, another court case has just been filed, and it’s looking pretty good. 

What is interesting about this court case? It’s an urgent application by citizens who are challenging the constitutionality of the National Corona Command council and specific lockdown regulations. And let me be frank here; I know about 60% of the applicants in this case. They are challenging the constitutionality of the National Corona Command Council, in addition to them asking for a suspended declaration, declaring that the lockdown regulations be invalid to the extent that they were made subject to unlawful interference by the NCCC.

The principle is excellent because it says at this precise moment in our constitutional history at which transparency in the rule of law has become the most important; a nebulous and faceless body is making decisions with significant consequences. Against our constitutional rights without any possibility of democratic oversight.

“We want this problem rectified. Our case is about making sure that 1) the decisions made by the government are made by the correct people, and 2) laws promulgated after those decisions are lawful.”

Do you know what’s great about this application to court? It’s by ordinary citizens of South Africa who are all, for the most part, as far as I’m aware are under 35, so these are young people taking a democratic decision to go and sue the government because it thinks it is acting unconstitutionally. I will attach the court papers in the below, of course.

I know some of you might be watching. So, Mpiyakhe, Scott, Tami, Mikhail, Neo, Lindo, Duwayne, and Riaan. Go for it my friends, go for it!

As for the rest of us on the sideline, we’re all cheering you on. 

This is a great, great moment in South Africa jurisprudence. When ordinary citizens take back the rights and power, they have under the constitution. God’s Speed, my friends and congratulations.

With that, I am going to end today’s show, thank you so much for joining.

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