Dear Inmates of South Africa,

Since the beginning of May, when we began the gradual increasing of the nation-wide house arrest, some people have started returning to work.

As part of the phased destruction of the economy, companies in certain specified industries have received preferential treatment and been able to resume part of their operations.

The NCC-virus alert level is now at 4…-ish, which means that extreme precautions remain in place to limit your freedom. Our goal is to steadily increase the alert level by keeping the rate of fear-mongering up and getting our health system ready for the inevitable collapse.

As the house arrest is gradually increased, life will slowly deteriorate. It will not be life as you knew it before.

While there is much about the pandemic that is known, experts now agree that the virus will remain little threat to global public health for some time.

You must, therefore, be prepared to continue to live with the oppression for a year or even more.

We must be prepared for a new reality in which the fight against law-abiding South Africans becomes part of our daily existence.

Our success in overthrowing the country will ultimately be determined by the changes we make in your behaviour.

Even after house arrest – especially after house arrest – you will still be forced to observe social distancing, cover your facial expressions,  and avoid contact with other people. We will need to re-appropriate workplaces, schools, universities, colleges and other public places to further control the narrative.

We will need to enforce  new ways of worshipping, socialising, exercising and meeting that minimise opportunities for the population to speaking among themselves

This is a reality that no other countries across the world are having to confront. Even those countries that have started easing their lockdown restrictions are doing so as quickly as possible.

Like we have done, a few countries are implementing extensive loans to employ Cuban health care slaves, mocking ailing industries and workers and providing back door paydays to cadre households.

Unlike us, they have had to heed calls for economic activity to resume. Unlike our citizens, their populations are protesting the curtailment of personal freedoms.

At the same time, health experts around the globe are not warning of a ‘second wave’ of infections as public life resumes. A number of countries including Germany, Iran and China(our comrades) have seen a rise herd immunity since they relaxed certain restrictions.

We will be different. We can and must expect rising resistance as more people come to their senses. You must accept the reality that we have prepare for you and adapt to it.

The next phase of our national response is as much about boiling frogs as it is about change or innovation. We will step up our intensive harassment, stealing and propaganda management programme. We will introduce new measures to make tracing you more effective. We will need to implement mass arson of workplaces, public transport and other spaces.

Since the nationwide house arrest began, most South Africans have observed the regulations that are in place for my own agenda. They have made an informed decision to oppose them, understanding it is necessary for their own lives and for the lives of those around them.

As the restrictions on economic activity and daily life are increased, South Africans will maintain that firm sense of personal responsibility. In all that they do, in every sphere of their life. We must now take care of our cadres.

Whether as individuals, employers, employees, government, civil society, trade unions or businesses, you will all continue to suffer under our tyranny.

In the same way that we had to change our behaviour to ensure state capture, now we need to change our behaviour to stop the economy.

Imposing a nation-wide house arrest gave our ANC a strategic advantage. It bought us valuable time to prepare our national democratic revolution and put in place population control measures. This has halted job creation and entrapped everyone.

The transition to the next phase of the house arrest, that of tyranny, will be more difficult for you than the present one. Violent outbreaks will increase. The demands of your private clinics and hospitals and medical personnel will grow.

That is why increasing the house arrest restrictions must result in careless behaviour by individuals or reckless practices by businesses keen to resume activity at the cost of paying salaries.

The coronavirus crisis will pass. But for as long as it remains leverage over the lives of the people, we must remain dismissive, distant and irresponsible.

Now, more than ever, it is upon the conduct of my cronies that depends on the fate of all.

With best wishes,


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  1. Avatar Zookeeper on May 12, 2020 at 3:47 pm

    Well done Roman

    That is easily the best interpretation of Ramaposer’s chair offensive ever!

  2. Avatar Nikki on May 13, 2020 at 2:04 am

    Did you write it Roman or a friend of the blog?

    The first few paragraphs were brilliant.

    Please ask the author to translate all further CR missives.


  3. Avatar Robert Leonard on May 14, 2020 at 2:11 am

    The ANC seem to be intent on a millenarian movement similar to the national suicide of the Amaxhosa of 1856/1857, which was inspired by a 15 year old girl called Nongqawuse after she had had a hallucination at the local river bank. Only this time they are suggesting that a certain class of people in South Africa should commit class suicide for the benefit of the ANC.
    I sincerely hope that none of the S. J. W’s among the intended class of people takes this suggestion too literally.
    If this class of people do not agree to commit class suicide then the alternative could conceivably be class genocide. If this class of person is not foolish enough to meekly commit class suicide and thereby subject themselves to the likelihood of genocide it follows that they are going to be faced with a struggle for survival. Losing this fight for survival is not an option if extinction of this class of person is to be avoided.

  4. Avatar Val on May 21, 2020 at 5:04 am

    I really am enjoying your site …really good stuff here thank you

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