In the news today:

  • Bheki Cele breaks lockdown regulations.
  • President Ramaphosa also breaks regulations.
  • NDZ refuses to provide proof for lockdown decisions.
  • Here is the full episode.


Bheki Cele breaks lockdown regulations

In news that will surprise absolutely no one, It appears that government ministers don’t follow the very rules they put in place. This is becoming a bit of a pattern. First, we saw Stella Abrahams doing it earlier this year, and now gangster in chief Bheki Cele himself has apparently been caught flouting the rules.

So there are reports that police minister Bheki Cele, on Saturday, was paying possibly a personal visit to the KZN home of higher education minister, Blade Nzimande. According to the reporter, they followed Bheki Cele’s convoy, which arrived at Mzimande’s house. When asked what his visit was about, Cele remained silent, however, according to Bheki Cele himself, he said Blade Nzimande wasn’t at home during his visit. According to him, he would have loved to visit Blade, but unfortunately, Blade was in Pretoria.

So, according to Cele, he knew Blade was in Pretoria. Then why would he visit him in KZN? It begs the question, what on earth was Bheki Cele doing at Blade’s house in the first place? Especially since Blade was not there at all. According to Brigadier Mathapelo Peters, she said Cele had received tip-offs in the streets. He had stopped to engage with the residents of two homes, which were on the same road as Mzimande’s homestead, and she was at pains to say it is important to emphasize there was no personal visit, but rather one of several stops made by minister Cele. 

However, she failed to answer questions as to whether there were any arrests or formal investigations that arose from these suspected tip-offs. So, here’s the story as far as I can gather: The minister was walking around, then went to Blade Mzimande’s house, was warmly greeted, by someone unknown, and then his excuse is, no, actually Blade is in Pretoria. Then they concoct the story about tip-offs. It will be interesting to see if this is investigated further, but I would not be even slightly surprised if someone like Bheki Cele, who has great disdain for the rule of law, gets off scot-free. Once again, it would be fascinating to have the minister of police charged with contravening the regulations under the Disaster Management Act. That would be glorious. But unfortunately, in this case, I don’t think it will happen. 


President Ramaphosa ALSO breaks the lockdown regulations

In other news, on topic with ANC members not following their own rules, the President of the country was caught not socially distancing. 

In a video on Twitter on Sunday, you can see the President having a walk, and two nice ladies come up to him and say, Ooh, Mr President, we want to take a picture with you. And in the video, he’s heard saying: “Come, before we get arrested and laughed.”

After that, the 2 women posed for a photo standing right next to the President.

This is contradictory to his official advice to keep at least two meters away from people from different households. 

Now I know what you’re thinking, Roman, you are really, really harsh. And yes, I would agree with you. I am really harsh. I’m really harsh, that in a country where tens of thousands of people have been arrested for doing the same thing, they get prosecuted for it, but the President does not. I get really harsh when Collins Khosa was beaten to death by the SANDF for having a beer in his own backyard. I get really harsh where the President is happy to see millions of people starve under the auspices of the lockdown when he doesn’t follow his own rules. And I am really harsh when the President wants to put out 70,000 members of the SANDF to enforce a military curfew on a whole country but then flouts his own rules so brazenly in public. Do not forget, ladies and gentlemen, we are living in a military enforced curfew. Under lockdown that prohibits 60-70% of the economy from actually working. People are suffering every day. Millions of jobs have probably been lost by now. Hundreds of thousands of people can’t afford to pay bills.

Millions of people can’t afford to eat, millions of school children are going hungry all because of the President. If the President doesn’t follow his own rules, I’m not sure whether we should obey them either. So yes, call me harsh. But I think mass starvation is a bit harsher than I am. 


NDZ refuses to provide proof for lockdown decisions

And in the final bit of news for the day, it appears that the prime minister in chief, Nkosazana Dhlamini Zuma, is quite happy to make decisions without any recourse whatsoever. More importantly, to give any reasons for those decisions in response to a question by the DA. 

The DA said: “NDZ was unwilling to answer our written parliamentary questions regarding the public submissions her department received and relied on to make changes to the government’s framework for the risk-adjusted strategy to bring different sectors of the economy back to work.”

Without all the political jargon, what the DA is asking is: What is the evidence that suggests your lockdown de-escalation process is actually working. What evidence do you have for such a claim, NDZ? And her response? And I quote, “The information requested by the honourable member is not readily available in the department. The data will be submitted to the honourable member as soon as it is available. Thank you.”

So the entire premise of the de-escalation of the lockdown and the evidence for the de-escalation is not available. Maybe we shouldn’t trust these people at all. However, I’m not the only one who thinks this. I spoke to the DA shadow minister of Trade and Industry, Dean McPherson. He is quoted saying: 

“I posed a question to a minister Dhlamini Zuma, following the announcement of the regulations going into the level four lockdown, to better understand the decision-making system that they had used, how they had considered the 70,000 submissions, in the space of a day and a half. Just to better understand the issue myself. And the response that I got from her, two and a half weeks later, was that the information was not available. This would seem strange when she made the decisions to move to level four, based on this information. So one would assume that it would be at her fingertips and be readily available.”

“Now, either the information doesn’t exist that she used to move to level four, or she is deliberately withholding it from me. In both cases, I think that she has a big problem on her hands and is utterly unable to sustain the arguments around issues like smoking and some of the more arbitrary regulations that minister Patel used, based on the submissions that they received.” “So, I’m going to wait for a response from her. And, based on that, I will then decide on how to take the issue forward. But I think that the minister’s in some hot water now and is desperately trying to find an escape route.“

So let me get this straight. 

The de-escalation of a lockdown and all the evidence for that is not available. But ladies and gentlemen, we were told that this was scientific. Yes, we were told there was evidence for the way the government is handling the lockdown. We were told 2000 people objected to cigarettes being sold during lockdown level four. We were told all of these things, yet now we are not allowed to know what the data is, or what the evidence is for any of the decisions made by the government.

If we are unable to know what the evidence is, who says that there’s evidence in the first place? Maybe she lied when she said there were 2000 objections to cigarettes. Maybe she lied about experts dictating the way that the lockdown will end. Perhaps the entire thing is a farce.

And that’s all going to end today’s show.

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