Zweli Mkhize Made A ‘Mistake’, NDZ’s Cigarette Ban Farce And More.

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In the news today:


  • Zweli Mkhize “made a mistake” with his SlideShow Presentation


      • DOH state the slide, which caused much confusion, was from an old presentation


  • Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma submits reasoning behind the cigarette ban


      • I have no words to describe the utter lunacy of this reasoning.


  • Collins Khosa’s death was not caused by SANDF, they claim in a public Statement


    • Following an inquiry, the SANDF has found their soldiers not liable for the death, claiming ‘minor injuries’


Zweli Mkhize “made a mistake” with his SlideShow Presentation

If you read yesterday’s article, you know that there was massive confusion created by Zweli Mkhize, in the National Council of Provinces. On one of his SlideShow presentations. The words: “Hotspots will remain at level four” popped up, and people thought to themselves, and I thought to myself at the time as well, so, ‘remain’ means continuous, right? So, some areas of the country will remain at level four, which is what the English definition of the word ‘Remain’ actually means. Today, we finally got clarity that, yes, the entire country will go to level three come 1st of June. The health department has now said that the slide that Mr Mkhize presented was from an older presentation and that the whole country would be entering level three lockdown, as of Monday.

Herein lies my question; If it was an old slide, why didn’t he clarify it at the time? Why did it take the Minister of Health 24 hours to clarify the fact that he made a mistake? Unless of course, it wasn’t a mistake. We know very well that the President is not really in charge of this country at the best of times, so why wouldn’t the health Minister try to sneak in something that he always wanted to do? Nevertheless, that is the case.

So, come 1st of June, every part of the country is under level three including the Western Cape, including the so-called hotspots. Hopefully, those hotspots will not go back to level four. Though I’m assuming it’s going to be very, very difficult for this particular government to try to enforce level four restrictions, once people have tasted level three. 


Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma submits reasoning behind the cigarette ban

The ongoing cigarette saga is going to court quite soon. And yesterday was a fascinating day because NDZ herself submitted her reasons why she wants secrets banned during this lockdown. Legal journalist, Karyn Maughan, helpfully, has put up some extracts from that affidavit online, and here are the noted claims.

According to NDZ, there is research that shows that the severity of the Covid-19 outcomes, is more significant in smokers than non-smokers, which leads to higher ICU admissions, higher need for ventilators, et cetera, et cetera. 

Now, I’m not claiming to be a scientist or that I understand research very well, I’m a layman. But, if  9% of people who die from Covid-19 are smokers, that’s not the majority, by any means at all. I don’t think their claim that of all Covid-19 patients, 9% of them were smokers, is a valid argument to be made here because that means 91% of them weren’t smokers. Then, NDZ goes on to claim that another study found, that amongst the patients with severe symptoms, 16.9% were current smokers and 5.2% were former smokers, and the history of smoking was a risk factor of the disease progression. Once again, a tiny minority of people with severe symptoms were smokers. 

I don’t think this makes the case very well for the Minister, in this regard. All those studies seem to show, is that the minority of Covid-19 deaths are people who smoke, and of the people with severe symptoms, a minority are smokers as well. So, the minority die, and the minority gets severe symptoms, keyword – minority. It isn’t a minority between 60% and 40%. No, it’s like 91% non-smokers, 9% smokers. So firstly, I think the arguments are complete and utter bullshit.

Do you know what condition increases mortality of Covid-19? That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, being obese is a critical factor in the mortality rate of Covid-19, and in studies by the World Economic Forum, 40% of people in New York who needed a breathing tube were obese. Whereas 90% of morbidly obese French patients in ICU required a ventilator. And higher amounts of fat in the chest and stomach areas put more significant strains on the lungs, as well as the demand for more oxygen. Therefore, obese people should take extra precautions to protect themselves against Covid-19. 

But, as you can see from this very chart, obesity and related illnesses that coincide with obesity, like diabetes and hypertension, are vastly more pronounced amongst adults hospitalized with Covid-19. So, according to NDZ, 9% of Covid-19 deaths, are smokers. However, according to this study, 40% of hospitalizations in New York, and 90% of admissions in France are obese people.

So why doesn’t NDZ ban carbohydrates? Why isn’t she banning fast food? Hell, why didn’t she ban sugar? You’re far more likely to die of Covid-19 if you’re fat, rather than if you smoke. 

I think the reasons for the Cigarette ban, according to the Minister, are very shoddy and complete nonsense. Obesity is a much more significant factor, and she said nothing about that. The ANC/NCCC has taken no steps to reduce obesity in South African society during the Pandemic unless you count the centralization of food parcels as ‘steps.’



Collins Khosa’s death was not caused by soldiers, SANDF states in a public statement

There seems to be an update in the Collins Khosa case. For those who might not know, Collins Khosa was a man based in Alexandria in Johannesburg. His family are alleging that SANDF members barged into their house because he was drinking something in his backyard, perhaps a beer. The family claim that the SANDF came in, whereafter there was an altercation. Allegedly, soldiers poured beer on Khosa’s head, choked him, slammed him against a cement wall, punched him and hit him with an assault rifle. Sadly, Collins Khosa succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead upon his arrival to the hospital.

Today, the SANDF released a statement in which they are absolving their soldiers of killing Collins Khosa.

According to this statement, the soldiers cannot be liable for his death, as there’s no link between the injuries he sustained due to the actions and him dying. According to SANDF inquiry, the soldiers entered the yard after seeing a glass of alcohol, and that’s when an argument ensued. Collins Khosa and his brother in law’s behaviour was provocative, and the investigation noted that the force used to get the men to comply, was pushing and slapping. The board further found that Khosa was conscious and healthy when the security forces left. According to a neurologist the SANDF board had consulted, there have been concerns raised about the level of pathologists assigned to deal with such a sensitive case, and the inquiry pointed out some shortcomings and contradictions in the original report.

It does not say what these were, and accordingly, Khosa only had a small cut above the left eye, a scratch on his left leg, under the knee, whereas his cause of death was blunt force head injury. So, therefore, the wounds on his body can not be linked to the cause of his death. And, since the SANDF or the JMPD did not cause blunt force trauma to his head, therefore they cannot be linked to his death. 

This report is a very curious development in the story, because, as we know, Collins Khosa’s family went to the High Court, and the judge was scathing about the conduct of SANDF during the lockdown. He noted that there had been many uses of excessive force on the South African public. Unfortunately, I do not have this affidavit at hand. It was not attached to the story, so it is impossible to verify the claims made. It is suspicious to me that there’s such a difference in terms of a story. The SANDF claim that they slapped him around and he had a little cut and little scratch. But, Khosa’s family says Khosa was beaten, to death, with the butt of an assault rifle and the high court judge said, the SANDF has been particularly violent and have used excessive force numerous times during the lockdown.

So, who are we to believe in all this? 

Personally, I don’t trust the SANDF in this regard. I think they will protect their own, no matter what. There is still a criminal probe ongoing into the conduct of those soldiers. So we’ll have to wait for the outcome of that to understand what has happened though I would be amazed if the family somehow lied. The man is dead; and if the SANDF didn’t kill him, then who the hell did?

It doesn’t make sense because, if a family accuses the SANDF of something, and then go to court and win, that must mean the SANDF inquiry might be very, very flawed in this case. I suspect that might be the case. But until further details come to light, we don’t know yet.


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