Bishops boys demand change (some if it is quite strange).

A look at the DA Disaster Management Act constitutional challenge.


Executor Law

Get Your Mask.


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  1. Avatar Zookeeper on June 10, 2020 at 10:50 am

    Unbelievable nonsense happening in schools.

    Pampered little kids not getting their way. Copying and pasting some woketard nonsense from a university and pretending these are some sort of grievance.

    Also, the entire premise is simply stupid. Awkward teenagers feeling awkward is somehow a race thing? FFS, not everyone is your friend, and everyone see is also awkward. People have their little cliques and exclude others from their clique.

    Its called “normal human existence”.

    Perhaps these kids should put their money where their mouths are and leave the school. Why stay if this is such an oppressive environment? Or is it only because there is not a black principal?

    I’m serious on that last score. Look at the Parktown Boys High tragedy this year. Huge press, huge political grandstanding. White principal, black student. A black kid drowned at a black school, and it was barely mentioned.

    This is entirely politically motivated to take control of these schools, and have a deployed cadre take over. Make no mistake, if a deployed cadre was in charge none of this would happen. None of it.

    I saw this happen at another school at which my kids study. It was based on all the same nonsense and was nothing more than a blatant attempt to take over. These private schools also have huge endowments and many believe they are a pot of gold.

    I have nothing pity for these kids, who will fail in the real world without their rich-boy connections.

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