• The government is preventing charities from giving food to starving people.
  • The cowardly corporates grovel at the feet of the communists.
  • Herman Mashaba’s new political party launches


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  1. Avatar Zookeeper on May 16, 2020 at 11:04 am


    I make this point regarding the media which claims to be “free from fear or favour” – most particularly ENCA.

    Now, these news outlets have consistently parroted government statements, following the likes of Fikile around with fawning coverage. Yet all good news is ignored. I see today that Georgia dropped its lockdown and all stats are dropping like everywhere else.

    I sincerely believe that a crowd-funded litigation suit from say, all restaurant owners, hotels (the small ones not the cadre-run corporates) should sue ENCA for every single cent it has: the damages claim would be billions and it would put them out of business.

    Maybe an actual news caster could take its place?

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